Epigraphs is a lyric essays series I started in December of 2015. I do not have a way of claiming the words contained in them as such or other. All I could say is that they are a dialogue of many images, voices, theories, desires, and languages. They are blueprints. I write through my questions towards the margins of the answers others have given me. I choose to send them directly to people's inboxes instead of publishing them here or elsewhere in order to create an intimacy and dialogue with those who read them. They are an epistolary romance all on their own. You are welcome to write me one back, always. In the Archive section of this website I share them at random one at a time.  

Karina Vahitova is a post-Soviet queer poet, a cautious art historian, and dancer from Kiev, Ukraine. She works at the intersection of art, science, and social justice. In 2012, she curated and helped create “Postcards Post-Sandy,” a digital memory site recording the effects of Superstorm Sandy. She has previously worked with Opportunity Project helping to develop healing art therapy programs for individuals with brain damage. She led and managed the global research and performance art archive project at Marina Abramovic Institute. Currently, she volunteers as a rape and domestic violence crisis counselor with Crime Victims Treatment Center.  She is a co-founder of The Void Academy, an organization helping artists make a living using community funding. She is working on her first book of lyrical theory about queerness, totalitarianism, violence and women in the Soviet Union. 

For all inquiries, you can reach her at: email.karina.vahitova@gmail.com